Achieve success

We will support on all of the below where needed: 

Idea: Market research; mission, values and ethos, customer understanding; customer journey

Funding: Financial planning; estimations of growth and cost; allocation of spend

Premise: Lease negotiations; overheads; infrastructure; landlord contribution; future development opportunities

Fit-out: Equipment partners & costs; fixtures & fittings; consumables partners; design and decoration

People: Recruitment; ‘induction’; pay structure; training and development

Ops: Must-have processes; H&S; adhesion to customer journey; review & refine loop

Programming: Being on-trend; simple vs complex; narrow vs broad; use of space vs kit; profit per user vs user experience

Marketing: Brand/business name; logo/slogan; pricing structure and points of entry; to-market journey; social voice; partnerships

Performance/ROI: Budgeting; revenue opportunities and cost control; secondary spend and LTV

Growth: Reinvestment; scaling the programme proposition; scaling the brand and business

Exit: Saleability; franchise opportunities