Lee Drabble

Lee is one of the industry's leading authorities on product design and programming, with a passion for team development

Lee has made huge strides in the health and fitness industry since he started as a Personal Trainer in Cardiff in 2008. Since then, he has developed - among other skills - an expertise in product and programme design that place him at the very top of his field in the industry.

Being a former competitive athlete, Lee brought his never-say-never attitude to a global fitness organisation, where he made rapid progress into the UK Fitness Team. Here, he developed eight fitness products that formed the centrepiece of the UK business's member proposition, and that were later developed into products that other international territories embraced. Alongside this, Lee further refined his skills in club design, showing a passion for developing strong supplier relationships that continue to thrive today. By integrating and educating staff across all levels, Lee also showed how much he values high level communication (both trickle up and trickle down) in order to execute a fully embraced objective, driven by shared values.

Lee was then approached to run a London boutique, in a managing director role, giving him the opportunity to not only refine his already world class skills, but also his club operations, premise and commercial skills, having sole accountability for two start-up sites in central London in a hyper-competitive market, resulting in an operating profit in year one. With high level acumen and vast experience across multi-purpose gyms and boutique studios, Lee understands every facet of fitness operations, and now uses his sharp eye for opportunity, to support other businesses to optimise their potential.